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Crazy Captain Harriet Mason by Avenuewriter Crazy Captain Harriet Mason by Avenuewriter
This one is a bit old, and recently touched up for public release. This is from an idea for a webcomic I had a long time ago that was heavily inspired by the Sci-Fi Debris reviews of Star Trek: Voyager. The reviewer makes Janeway sound like an egocentric psychopath who happily sends her crew to their doom. Essentially the webcomic would've been about an actual crew as dysfunctional as the reviews make the Voyager crew seem to be.

This here's Captain Harriet Mason a starship captain known the universe over for her, albeit questionable, actions during the Hyperspace Wars. She was awarded numerous commendations (most likely fabricated) and showed to have a strong knack for leadership (in that she loves bossing people around). After graduating from the academy she was assigned to the USEF Triton under the command of Captain Kennedy and quickly rose through the ranks, achieving the level of first officer in an unprecedented six months (which also happened to coincide with a number of mass disappearances on board ship that were eventually linked to a spatial anomaly). She then took command of the Triton after Captain Kennedy suffered a bout of space-hysteria and attempted to murder her. During the resulting trial Kennedy claimed that she was "a blight upon the galaxy" and that "the Fleet doesn't know what's been unleashed." Kennedy was quickly sentenced to a mental institution on Theta II and has yet to recover.

Mason has since captained a grand total of 12 starships, all of which were destroyed in varying circumstances with many crew members either dead or missing. In spite of that, Mason has proven to be the USEF's "Go-To-Girl" when it comes to space exploration and meeting new civilizations. One can hardly blame her that all the aliens she's met have wanted to kill her... even ones that were notorious for being peaceful.

"Lies," is what she says, "They lied to bring our defenses down. It's a tactic I've used numerous times throughout my career..."

Mason currently captains the USEF Gomorrah, the first inter-galactic vessel ever built. As the captain of the USEF's flagship, the Admiralty Board has much faith in Mason's abilities to further unite the universe under a banner of peace and prosperity...

God help the universe...

It took me a while to come up with a definite style for the comic. I didn't want it to be like so many anime-esque comics out there, even though I learned to draw manga and anime characters mainly. I settled for a sort of Jhonen Vasquez style, heavily inspired by his work on Invader Zim. It seemed fitting.
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lanternjoe Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014
Keen. Would there have been an analogue to Poor Dumb Harry?
Avenuewriter Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Most likely, yes. Every nutty captain needs a chew toy I figure.
lanternjoe Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
You doing anything with this setting? Sounds great.
Avenuewriter Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Not at the moment, no. Though I would love to.
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